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>> This time it's absolutely insane that Scrooge coin are
>> gold in the European tradition. [...]
>> But the tradition simply says gold coins in
>> Denmark, and it will take something to change that.
>I see no reason to change that. Coins are supposed to be yellow (and bank
>notes green) in Disney comics. 
In certain european disney comics yes. I know there aren't duck comics in
the US at the time, but when they were there, the coins were mostly silver
as far as I know, because most coins acyually have that colour.
If the coins in Danish Duck comics were said to be Taler like they are in
Germany, it would be fine with me, cause taler would then all be yellow or
gold. But It says Kr. on Joakim's (Scrooge in DK) money bin, and whenenver
we saw him saying I earned this coin by doing this or that this or that
year, he would call it a 25-oere (small piece, actually a quarter, but of
our currency) or a krone. He wouldn't call it a taler or a dime or
anything. Not even if it says he earned it this or that place where they
don't use our currency. 
greenbacks are green in our comics too, which has some kind of logic too
it, as some of our bank notes before now have been green, and american
notes are green. 

>No matter the material they are made of. 
You're right that they are all yellow, but it's not logical, and it's one
of the only things in the weekly that doesn't tell you something true.
many stories give you facts that are true. 

>has been the case since the beginning. 
No, not here it hasn't. Scrooge didn't start to have a bin before the
50'es, and the colorist have sometimes used yellow, sometimes adopted the
silver from the original comics. 
Danish duck comics weren't one bit consisten before some certain years
which I haven't taken the time to spot. Scrooge spats had many colours,
like grey and dark read, before they turned green. In 1988, in an issue I
have spotted out, they went over to be blue, and have been so ever since,
but of course not in the italian stories...

>It is disturbing to see a white

>mass of coins in Scrooge's bin (like in Lo$ chapter 12). I do hope the
>editors will keep the "yellow coins" tradition.
I disagree as said, but I expect them to follow the tradtion, cause I know
what rama-scream (?) it gave in 1994 with that chapter 12...

>BTW, Scrooge's money bin always had a big "f" sign in Holland (f = the
>currency sign). In the new albums they are doing from now on (for
>for instance), they change the f-sign into a Euro sign. This makes
>a part of the European currency area, I guess. I can understand the
>reasoning, but I'd prefer the (traditional) f's...
Me too. Danes said no to the euro, so it's no problem here. In germany
they keep the Taler-currency in Entenhausen I think. Where is the dutch
duckburg supposed to be situated, if it's in America everything is
sounding more and more insane to me, but anyway, these are just comics ...
(I am somewhat ironic here.)

BTW The danes maneged to color the Coin-story with the traditonal colors,
also the coins as spoken of. Eg. the money bin and McDuck Tower have
KR-signs on them. But to nag the ducth Extra a bit, the danish version
didn't still have shadows after dollar-signs as the dutch one had. 

>> What i mean by horrid is overdrawn, and eg. the family
>> tree where Hortense was suddenly baking so you
>> couldn't see her, and Quackmore was reading the paper
>> Quagmire seemed to be a tractor! (Or was he in the
>> tractor). If they don't want the readers to see those
>> important persons on the tree, why publish it?
>The Dutch editors didn't want to show the characters that are not
>from a Barks story.
I see, fair enough. 
But I hope they now it was in his family tree. 
I thought for some time that it is starnge they quote Carl to have said in
1994, as some sort of joke, maybe, that Donald came out of an egg someone
bought at the shop. We all now that barks considered Donald to be a man,
the unlucky classical man. Overmore I've seen scans of the sketches Barks
himself made where Hortense and Quackmore are shown, as names. I doubt not
what the reason was that Barks said what he did. 

>So "your kind of fan" thinks *everything* Rosa does is wonderful? I
>even say that about the work of Barks! I'm not a blind admirer of a
Neither do I think i am, I just hate when something is overdrawn, by
I don't find all stories of Rosa nor Barks good, of course I have
favorites, and not so much favorites. There are stories I have read
several times, and stories I have laid aside after one try. That last kind
of storiy just doesn't come so often in Rosa and Barks

>I guess this makes us different "kinds of fan

Anders Christian Sivebæk

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