The Color of Money

Olivier mouse-ducks at
Thu Apr 5 15:41:35 CEST 2001

>>Of course, Barks had them golden in all his oil paintings

In "The Expert", for instance, you can see silver coins.
But indeed, most of  the coins *are* golden.
It just looks nicer: stacks of  grey & brown coins darken the page
and are much less appealing.
I guess the coins should be colored in yellow, grey, brown, and
whatever color may fit which would stand for exotic currencies.
Same for the bills: mostly gree, but there should be other colors,
since a huge quantity of  all this mony has been printed in different

>>BTW, Scrooge's money bin always had a big "f" sign in Holland (f = the Dutch
>>currency sign). In the new albums they are doing from now on (for Lekturama
>>for instance), they change the f-sign into a Euro sign. This makes Duckburg
>>a part of the European currency area, I guess. I can understand the editor's
>>reasoning, but I'd prefer the (traditional) f's...

I can imagine how weird it looks.
All these conversions (from the original $ to the local currency to the euro)
somehow make me think of  "Somethin' Fishy Here" (backup story, U$ 456 / 2),
in which Donald makes Uncle Scrooge believe fish is the new currency, and
Scrooge sets out acquiring tons of  it. I like it vey much.


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