Kalevala, Italian book on Barks

Olivier mouse-ducks at wanadoo.fr
Sat Apr 7 23:05:06 CEST 2001

>>I was responsible for the finnougrorunometricisms, and also convinced
>>the editors that the many special and unusual elements of the story
>>warranted a separate introduction, as well as _footnotes_.
That's one thing I told Don Rosa about in an e-mail last month:
I think it would be highly interesting to have editions of  such stories
as "Ancient Persia" or "The Sharpie of the Culebra Cut" with
ffotnotes & in-depth articles about the cultural background-- architecture,
story of the canal, ...

>>That means "Carl Barks, the Duck Man" and is the title of an Italian new
>>book dedicated to the Master (for his 100th birthday). It's a 322 page paperback
What is the name of the publisher, please?


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