Desert Island

Olivier mouse-ducks at
Tue Apr 10 14:55:59 CEST 2001


>>the desert island would be a comfortable place
>>if I had a CD player, 4 of Oldfield's titles, a good number
>>of Barks and Rosa comics, and my Bible.

Ha, the famous "desert island" / "what objects would you like
to save from a disaaster" issue...
A friend & I tried to make a list of  CDs & films we'd like to have on a
high tech desert island. At first, I thought we might choose 50 titles
maximum per list, then try and boil it down. Well, I was way over the
50 titles in my preliminary list! Still haven't solved the dilemma.
Maybe I should have *everything* ready  to carry away, just in case...

More to the point: haven't tried doing it for the comics yet.
A few titles spring to mind. (lists below, no particular order).
What would you (everyone) take along?


1/    Land Beneath the Ground
2/    Only a Poor Old Mind
3/    Back to the Klondike (with the fish currency story that follows--
       that's one album)
4/    Golden Helmet
5/    Lost in the Andes
6/    In Old California
7/    Christmas in Shacktown
8/    Letter to Santa
9/   Sheriff  of  Bullet Valley

Barks 10-pagers (much more difficult):
Quiz show, Nightmares, Donald's Big Imagination

Don Rosa:
1/    L&T (original 12, new ones, future ones, all!)
2/    Son of  the Sun
3/    Last Sled to Dawson
4/    Croesus
5/    Space Varmints
6/    Hearts of the Yukon
7/    Duck that Never Was
8/    Unviersal Solvent
9/    Black Knight
10/    Once and Future Duck
11/   Return to Plain Awful

And certainly many more I can't think of  right now.
Actually, this is also the much-debated "favorite story" issue.
I haven't taken part in such a debate yet, so this will complete
my introducktion a bit in a sense, even though it's not a list I've
given much thought about.
Gottfredson's mouse would have to be save as well.

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