Contents of Scrooge's Money Bin

Christopher Burton cburton at
Wed Apr 11 00:48:17 CEST 2001

Hi! I was a subscriber to the list late in 1996, but unsubscribed. Now, 2
computers later, I have re-subscribed, but I've been lurking this past month
or two. I have to say that I'm finding fascinating this discussion of the
contents of Scrooge's money bin.

Don Rosa said:
We've had some gold coins in the 19th century, even a $20 gold piece in the
early 1900's, and they were in extremely limited circulation. That would be
like having a thousand dollar bill nowadays! But I've still said that
$crooge surely has some gold coins in his Bin, I've mentioned it in stories.
But not ALL solid golden coins.

I'd also like to add that we (the U.S.) currently have a gold *colored*
dollar coin -- the Sacajawea dollar -- that's the same size as a quarter.
The previous dollar coin -- the Susan B. Anthony dollar -- was silver
*colored* & the same size as a quarter. People were always getting them
mixed up & buying Cokes for 3 bucks instead of 75 cents! I won't name any
names. :)

In mulling over everyone's arguments, I was thinking -- in the course of his
day-to-day business deals, Scrooge indubitably has to invest money, i.e.
spend money to make money. As such, wouldn't the contents actually change.
There might be some days when, due to routine inflow & outflow of cash, he
has largely silver (or platinum?!) coinage, and other days when gold coins
predominate. This could be another reason for bulldozers. Imagine the
industrial strength coin counter he must have!

Christopher Burton

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