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>From: "Janne Heino" <j.heino at pp2.inet.fi>
>To: <dcml at stp.ling.uu.se>
>Subject: Kalevala
>Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2001 01:10:13 +0300

>About the pronunciation...
>Louhi - "Low - hit"  (But you leave the "t" from the end.)
>The other words are quite difficult to turn into "English", because Finnish 
>and English are pronunced so differently.

Maybe "quallhevalla" (using French pronunciation rules) can explain how to 
pronunciate the word "Kalevala"... But it's not very good... In Japanese it 
would be written "Luuhi" and "Karebarra"... But the second one is even worse 
than when using French pronunciation rules... "Vèinemeuïënne" for 
"Väinemöien"... No, that's not good...
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