Duckburg/Moustown..? DGE at
Wed Apr 11 09:25:08 CEST 2001

	Hey Timo!

>I have never quite understood that Duckburg/Mousetown thing. In Finland
>and ducks live both in Ankkalinna(Duckburg). And as I watched the webpage 
>for german Micky Mouse there was a map of Entenhausen(Duckburg) which
>Donald's, Mickey's houses and Scrooge's Money Bin. All in same town.
>Is this thing with different towns stated in some American comic book?

	In American comics, yes, the ducks and mice live in different towns.
It's the same way in France and Italy. In Egmontland (including Finland and
Germany), though, tradition has it that they live in the same town. That may
change in the future, but who knows?
	The English name of Mickey's town is Mouseton, not Mousetown (no
"w"). It was originally Mouseville (in the Gottfredson newspaper strip), but
it changed in 1990 when Disney got into legal trouble over the use of that
name. It seems the makers of Mighty Mouse had copyrighted it for

	David Gerstein

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