Kalevala (Pronunciation), Desert Island

Olivier mouse-ducks at wanadoo.fr
Wed Apr 11 10:19:05 CEST 2001

>>Maybe "quallhevalla" (using French pronunciation rules) can explain how to
>>pronunciate the word "Kalevala"... But it's not very good... In Japanese it
>>would be written "Luuhi" and "Karebarra"... But the second one is even worse
>>than when using French pronunciation rules... "Vèinemeuïënne" for
>>"Väinemöien"... No, that's not good...

Thanks again for all this.
And I'm impressed: how many languages do you speak?!

Desert Island List:
In the "How can I possibly have forgotten it ?!" section of my list, you can add:
1/    Ghost of the Grotto
2/    Guardians of the Lost Library
It's too hard to choose.
Alternate solutions:    a/    have all the stories on CD-DOM / microfilm
                                     b/    store the whole thing in an easy to move Forbidium bin


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