Don Rosa: Translation of Kalevala in the Netherlands

Kooijman, R. r.kooijman at
Fri Apr 13 18:21:27 CEST 2001

> What I was asking Harry was if the 
> Dutch translator
> had removed all my "sleeper" references and actually used the 
> word "dead".
Let me answer for Harry, here are some facts, SPOILER ahead?:

On page 14, panel in the lowest left corner: "Wie nadert daar het
slapersrijk? / Zijt gij dood of soortgelijk?"
This could be translated as: "Who approaches the realm of sleepers? / Are
you death or similar?"

On page 14, panel in the lowest right corner: "Luister en huiver, tovenaar /
Ik ben Tuoni, de doden-eigenaar!"
This could be translated as: "Listen and shudder, magician / I am Tuoni, the
owner of the deceased!"

And on page 17 panel 3 as Donald and Scrooge are flee from Louhi the upper
word balloon "Hallo! Hee, levenden / Kan het wat minder?"
This could be translated as: "Hello, Hey, alive ones / Could you calm down a

Although the last example isn't using death it clearly refers to death too

Now back to lurking mode...

-- Roy

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