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Daniel van Eijmeren dve at kabelfoon.nl
Tue Apr 17 12:18:13 CEST 2001

OLIVIER, 16-04-2001:

>> "I knew it! I knew it! They'll ROB me! I'll be a POOR old duck!"
>> (Which one? Hint: part of the story's title is mentioned in the quote.)

> That's not a hint, it's the answer! : )
> "The Giant Robot Robbers" (U$ 58, July '65, Album 26), p 8 panel 4.
> My first guess was "The Paul Bunyan Machine" (U$ 28, Dec '59, Album 28);
> almost the same p 4 panel 1:
> "Oh, woe is me! I'll be a POOR old duck!"

Interesting, because in "Only a Poor Old Man" (OS 386), panel 4.7,
Scrooge says: "Oh, woe is me! I'll be a poor old man!" 

Are there other Barks stories in which Scrooge refers to himself as a
poor old man/duck?

> What about the Vitamin Zee quiz?

See my quote below. I think that one was a bit too difficult, because this
Barks script-only story may not be widely available at the moment.
(That isn't only an explanation, it's a hint as well.) :-)

> And my Quiz & Treasure Hunt #1? Any idea?

Which ones do you mean? Can you quote them again? 

On March 22, 2001, you wrote: "Quote quiz # 3: Remember "file 90L-6F" ?"
I can't remember this one being answered. It's "North of the Yukon"
(US 59), panel 6.3.

> Here's another (tough) one:
> "Don't worry! *We* ' ll get you out!"

Barks or Rosa?

Best wishes,

--- Daniel

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