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Søren Krarup Olesen raptus at stofanet.dk
Tue Apr 17 19:01:26 CEST 2001


> > [...] And how do we buy Carl Barks oils on ebay?!
> The last question was not raised here recently, actually.
> Daniël just refers to Ebay now and then, to point us to interesting Barks
> material that he hasn't seen anywhere else before.

Avoiding the issue, are we? ;-) No, you're right. I should have written
"interesting material by Carls Barks on ebay" or something like that,
but that was not my point.

> > what happened to critisism on newer artists. Are they simply ignored,
> > since they don't fit in the Rosa mainstream or what?!
> I don't think it's fair to complain about the contents of a mailing list
> that's completely filled by volunteers.

I didn't "complain"... Volunteers are of course free to discuss every
subject they'd like (within the frame of Disney comics). I just wondered
why most of those volunteers (two hundreds members or so) seem to be
mere archaeologists. I perfectly well know, that we do not constitute a
pure panel of highlighted critics and reviewers, still a bit more
keeping in touch with what's "cooking" on the other scenes than that of
the American, is something I miss here--I wouldn't dare or have any
reason to complain about the lack of it, just plain wondering, that's

Perhaps I should add, that this has nothing to do with the "American
style" whatsoever. Younger American artists like Noel van Horn are
never mentioned on this list either--his Goofy being extremely well
drawn BTW.

> If you think something's missing here, then start a thread about it.
> If you don't get a reply, then try to get people on DCML that *do*
> reply.

I certainly would like to do so, but who cares if I find Valerio Held a
genious or likewise. It doesn't have any effect, since no one knows
this guy anyway (except for a few Italians). Similarly, I think that
Antonio Bancells might be one of the worst artists ever, taking into
consideration the emmence influence he has had (and still has) on Egmont
material for decades. Although I probably could write many pages on
why I find this or that artist/writer brilliant or not, no one would
ever care. Tony Bancells has probably drawn more pages than most other
artists (including Don), but this fact stands unconcerned.

There are two possibilities here, either 1) Tony is a heck of a
genious, no reason to comment on his splendid art, or 2) Tony's art is
so terrible, that there is no reason to comment on this IMO utterly
boring art. So, which one is it? Surely, this mailing list won't
disclose the answer.

Could it be, that although pocket books sell quite well in Europe, most
list members feel that this material is not worth mentioning, only for
the reason that Rosa/Barks stories are rarely printed here?

Do pocket books contain stories that are too low, display art so
hideous to the eye and stories so badly written, that using the word
"art" itself is questionable. I think not.

Consider this the beginning of a thread, Harry :-)


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