European Ducks; Grandma and Scrooge

Shelley Hanson/KlezmerAllThatJazz klezmerallthatjazz at
Wed Apr 18 03:56:21 CEST 2001

As Steven Rowe says, we U.S. readers would be happy to discuss other artists
and writers, if only we could get copies of their work. Does anyone have
recommendations as to which European publications would be good to start
with, and an address of a bookstore where such things could be ordered? (I
can read French and, with a dictionary in one hand, Italian and Spanish; a
little German but that would be with a dictionary in two hands.) And I
admire all of the non-native speakers of English here who write so well in

I am surprised by the suggestion that Grandma Duck and Scrooge are in any
way related, because in several of Barks' stories (as in a one-pager where
he takes her out to dinner and there seems to be a little gallant "body
language"), there does seem to be the possibility of a little vestigial
romantic spark. !!!

By the way, my recollection is that Calisota is mentioned more than once by
Barks as the state in which Duckburg is located. (A state in which there can
be both palm trees, and mammoth snowfalls allowing huge snow forts to be
built!)  Am I incorrect in this memory? Of course, I am living in Minnesota,
half of the "Calisota" state, so I may be a bit prejudiced on this subject.

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