Fluks, H.W. H.W.Fluks at
Wed Apr 18 14:32:58 CEST 2001

Anders wrote (among many things):

> Only Fireman Donald has been published more
> often as far as I remember. 1963, '74, '80 (or thereabouts in the
> classics), '90, '98 and now 2001. that's 6 times.

Plus the original publication from 1949 makes 7. Actually:

AA1949-01,AA1968-03*,BH 1*,AA1984B24,AA1994B17,AA1999B09, and now in 2001.

But that's *only* 7 times! That same story has been printed in Holland 11

DD1952-01*,DD1971-50*,BV 1,DDJ1952 1*,DDJ1952 2*,DDFAC 1*,JUB 1,AKVCB 3,AKV

Some editions can be regarded a different version of the same album (DDJ1952
2 and AKV 3), but one album (BV 1) has been reprinted dozens of times.

Even without that the story was printed 9 times in Holland. Is that a world
record? (Naah - I'm sure Italy has the record, being the country where every
story is reprinted almost every year...)


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