New character

Olivier mouse-ducks at
Wed Apr 18 20:44:18 CEST 2001

Yesterday I mentioned a new Mouse character introduced
in a recent Mickey Parade (last month?) which really did not
appeal to me.
Well, today I went to the hairdresser's / barber's and thumbed through
the Journal de Mickey issue dated April 4. There was a story with this
new rodent face: "Le Sosie Aussi s'Use" ("The doppelganger wears out also";
the translation has no meaning; the title was all alitteration-- don't know if  it had
any significance / relevance).

The character's name is Michel Souris (Mickey used to be called that way at some
point; it's the French version of  the name). He looks like a very distorted Mickey,
a sort of  cross-over with a rat. Like those faces you can tweak and pinch and
skew using specific (so called "morphing") distorsion softwares. In a word: UGLY.
Not because he is not handsoem, like Quasimodo. The ART itself  is ugly. It is
way too caricatural and distorted and rubbery. He is dressed like the early Mickey
(short pants & shoes).

Francesco just wrote:
>>when I see a story which art I don't like, I probably won't even bother reading it
>>(never finding out that maybe the script is great)

Well, I'm sorry but I can't tell you more about this character and the story because the
art made me put the magazine down. I picked it up again to wrote down the story code
and the credit printed in the margin:
    FJM 01207C  : Le Borner / Comicup-Beneto

It seem this Michel Souris, for some reason, wants to be Mickey's exact double.
At the beginning of  the story (I didn't count; 8 or 10 pages), he tries to hoax information
out of  Goofy, making him believe he is Mickey and has been struck with amnesia
after some experience that kinda changed his appearance.

Sorry I don't have more information-- no real desire to read it (I would only have read
it out of  curiosity & to be able to tell you about it); no time (almost my turn and then without
my glasses, who invariably get in the way or get covered in hair I can't see a thing); and the
girl hairdresser was too pretty to be reading...      ; )


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