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Thu Apr 19 10:38:39 CEST 2001

Harry wrote:

>But that's *only* 7 times! That same story has been
>printed in Holland 11 times: 
>DD1952-01*,DD1971-50*,BV 1,DDJ1952 1*,DDJ1952 2*,DDFAC
>1*,JUB 1,AKVCB 3,AKV 3,MA1992-32,DD2000-36*. 

Record in France is AFAIK 9 publications, for "The Magic 
Hourglass" and "Luck of the North". But, both include a 
Belgian Mickey Mouse reprint.

I bet that Italy has the record (if only for amator 
publications which I think should be counted). BUT 11 still 
is a very high number, which I think has to do with the 
tradition in your country. I have the impression that the 
Dutch always loved Barks' comics more than any other nordic 
country. For instance when Daan Jippes was art director, in 
the mid-70s instead of publishing Studio stories (as 
Hachette was doing) you published many Barks stories. Also, 
10 pages is a "usual" story for the Dutch weekly, while in 
Italy, a "normal" story is 30 pages long (or was, until 
recently) and - more or less - in many French publications 
which were inspired by Italian ones. This may explain while 
the most reprinted stories in France are long adventures, 
and not ten-pagers as in the Netherlands.

I would be interested to hear about the Italian record BTW, 
if somebody has it.

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