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Ari Seppi mani at
Thu Apr 19 11:46:47 CEST 2001

Re: The discussion about the Italian comics

I really do like some Italian comics - even the new ones. I especially
enjoyed the much hated "Paperinik New Adventures", past tense of 
"enjoy" as in "cancelled title".

Granted, it had it flaws. But still: continuation is so rare in
Disney comics and it really improves the readability. While it
PKNA wasn't perfect, it's average quality was above any other Finnish
weekly/monthly -publication: Aku Ankka does print Barks/Rosa/etc. 
comics regularly but they print lots of other - not so good - stuff 
even more regularly. Kuukauden sarjisekstra brings nice variety
to the Aku Ankka's normal Danish-mix, but still... and so on.

To summarize my point: Sob, sob, sob... this is *so* wrong. *They*
always cancel the ones I like. :-)

Ari Seppi (mani at
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