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Nils Lid Hjort nils at
Thu Apr 19 13:02:06 CEST 2001

Timo Ronkainen: 
<<Who wrote article/s to Swedish/Danish/Norwegian 
Barks 100 book? I can´t find any info about these books 
in official Disney-pages anymore. No sight of them after 
that Barks-birthday week when they had that voting thing 
there. Do not they want to sell/advertise those books? >> 

The (relatively short) introduction to the Egmont "Barks' Best" 
book has been written by Øystein Sørensen, professor of history
at the University of Oslo. (Introductions to the year-by-year 
"Complete Volumes of Donald Duck & Co.", a great success
also in the selling sense of the word, have by comparison
much more serious and long introductions. So far Egmont 
Norway have issued 1948-1949, 1950, 1951-I, 1951-II, 
1952-I, 1952-II, 1953-I, 1953-II, 1953-II. But this was
a footnote.) His preface has simply been translated into
Danish and Swedish. In addition there are (very) short 
introductions to each of the stories in the book. 

Otherwise I agree regarding the web pages of Egmont Donald Duck 
Norway/Anders And Denmark/Kalle Anke Sweden. They are kept 
in strict simultaneous control, obviously. They are not kept
well up to date; their sections on "recommended literature"
are not well worked through; more typographical-grammatical-
orthographical errors (shudder) slip through to these pages
than to the published pages in the magazines. (Example du jour:
"Littaratur [sic] for den ivrige Donald-forsker"...) 

As Timo I find it particularly strange that the very recent
"Barks' Best" is now suddenly invisible on the web pages. 
Similarly it does not seem possible to find out for example
about the "Complete Volumes" (how to buy an issue of interest,
how to find out which volume has a scholarly preface by
Sørensen) or the "Finally Back!" series. 

One would hope that these web pages, which I assume are 
visited by many (younger) readers, are given higher priority
by the Egmont offices. 

Nils Lid Hjort 

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