More on the thief (I thought we were past that)

Søren Krarup Olesen raptus at
Thu Apr 19 20:54:37 CEST 2001


> History has shown that so far in this list we've had no such bad behaviored
> person that instead of apologizing for his obvious mistakes keeps
> arrogantly saying that he'll keep copying stuff without quoting the source.
> One time is acceptable (for naivety), maybe even two, but not three.

Well, I don't know about bad behavior; Daniel and I posted some
fervent comments on this list a few years back, where we didn't
exactly expressed ourselves as gentle, calm people--never mind that now.

"Naive" falls into the same category as "childish", so to be honest
with you, I take that as a compliment ;-) Fact is, that Angelo never
broke the unwritten rules of this mailing list, and that IMHO settles

Hey, I still owe you and Armando a lot of comments on the
what-will-the-future-bring matter. Coming up soon! :-)


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