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> No offense to the late and great Maestro Barks, one of the great
> storytellers of all time, but... I've been wondering if anyone was going
> make the statement you have. :-)

It's not as rare as you might think :-)
Me, for one, condider at the same level Barks, Gottfredson and Scarpa (In
alphabetical order).

Unfortunately you have to consider that even in countries where Gottfredson
has been somewhat reprinted, there is this... "somewhat" that makes the
Even here no *good and popular* edition of Gottfredson stories ever
existed, while we have the complete Barks on "Zio Paperone" and, of course,
all the "originals" by Scarpa.

For Gottfredson we only have old popular editions (cut, remounted, even
traced some times) or new non-popular editions (I'm thinking about the
Comic Art reprints...).

Probalby the best Italian edition, combining *low price* and quality, was
that of the attachments of the Italian newspaper "Il Messaggero", 12 years
ago. But that is a Rome's newspaper and it did not have a wide distribution
(I was a kid, I had to move some collegues of my mother's living in big
towns to find copies of those... and later I lost'em all, :-(( )

Sprea (Scarpa) (RAH)

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