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Anders Christian Sivebaek acsive at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 20 00:08:43 CEST 2001

Somewhat interesting dcml this one 

> Fra: Angelo Toti <donald313us at yahoo.com>
Trying to move down to a level of intelligence I hope
I'm normally not on. Nyah nyah! Who can't spell his
own last name??

> My name is Totti.
Someone ought to tell you how to chnge your info at
your yahoo-adress then. Not me, though. 
> Just call me Angelo, I don't like this "Mr."
> thingie.
You call someone Mr. if you want to honnor, them, or
in this case if you don't want to, if you want to put
a distance, to thingie like yourself. 
> Anyone can simply come along and take it, that's
> right. If nobody did, that's not because of
> copyright
> laws, but because your site is not interesting
> enough
> to steal. 
You still work with the term of stealing. Do you
believe in anything? The law (In Italy?), the Biblæe
anything? anarchism?

> I have lots of doubts BTW that you can
> feed your children with advertissments placed on
> site.
Don is a wrtier of brilliant duck and mice stories. a
new story came out this week, which will continue in
the next. And it might be hard to feed children on the
pay you get from disney/egmont. 

> >When Mr. Totti steals a person's work, he steals
> that
> person's livelihood. 
> No. The sites I used don't make the living of
> anyone.
No? But it certainly is a great part of my life. This
ridcoulous interest I suffer from, and you aren't
going to destroy via your stealing. 

> But they still will be done, even if anyone can use
> the work. Because lots of people just have nothing
> else to do.
You have nothing else to do than to steal? How about
making that new page. I still want to see it. 
> The #%$£~@!§ 
Please don't swear here, and not like that or in any

> people are not those who use the works
> of
> others but the ones who harass others because they
> steal their texts or images.
others others others. YOu are one of the stealing guys
in this game, you're the one with no sympathy. 

> Just because you wrote one line of text one day you
> want everyone to keep asking you forever for
> permission of using that line of text. You make
> something publicly available and then pretend to
> keep an absolute full control on it. I say that is
stupid on the Internet.
On the internet maybe, but companies still try to do
so. One line of text is underestimating anyway. And
all the pages you copied are not one scanned drawing,
but many hours of work. 

> I reserve me the right of using any information I
> can
> find on the Internet anywhere, without mentioning my
> sources. Who cares about the name of the person who
> originally scanned an image?
I do. And I'm beginning not to to care one bit about

> The internet will always be a big mess where you can
> find 
> pirated softwares, copyrighted music, games (to name
> the three most populars)
> etc. for free. That is not extravagant, that is the
> truth. 
Yes, and it's somehow sad. 

On one hand I would have liked to ask you, if you read
duck comics, what's your favorite Barks or Rosa and so
On the other hand I agree with this: 

> "I reserve me" the right to ask for the owner of the
> list (Harry? Per?) to
> throw this guy the hell out of here, thanks.
Kick him all the way to Goosetown and the moon to make
one slightly reference. 

Sorry to bother you. I wont react to anything more
from Mr Toti. 


Anders Christian Sivebaek
acsive at yahoo.com

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