Respect and rights

Donald Markstein dmarkstein at
Fri Apr 20 01:05:45 CEST 2001

Apostolis Trikourakis:

Copyright laws generally allow what is called "Fair Use" -- that is, short
quotes for purposes of review or illustration. Thus, if you write something
ABOUT Disney, an ORIGINAL composition OF YOUR OWN, you are allowed to use a
limited amount of Disney material to illustrate it without violating or
damaging Disney's copyright. Exactly how much is open to interpretation by
the courts -- but it does NOT mean anyone is allowed to copy your work in
its entirety, verbatim.

Also, people who take the point of view that the Internet is not a part of
what you call the "real world" are increasingly finding that the real world
can reach out and stop them. There ARE rules. The fact that it is easy to
steal does not make it right, any more than it is permissible to steal
something that a person left in his front yard. The fact that Mr. Totti
thinks he can flout the rules with impunity does not negate the fact that
the rules exist, and can be used to shut him down.

Yes, it is a matter of respect. But it is also a matter of right and
wrong -- and of legally enforceable rights.

Quack, Don

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