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Sat Apr 21 04:05:03 CEST 2001

<<I'm not criticizing the concept of intellectual property, far from
it, but very few seem to realize that current laws are mostly tailored
to protect the rights of the big dogs, leaving the rest of us up shit
creek... (OK, enough with foul language, now :-)>>

Right! Don Markstein for example has referred to the Yahoo! terms of service.
When go and read the thing it consists of Yahoo! claiming to have no liability
of anything, anywhere, ever. It even states that even if court decides that
the terms of service do not apply they still have no liability of anything.
So you might write them about Totti but Yahoo! is not obligated to do anything.

And about stealing Disney material over the net: I'm sure that disney would
try sue anyone they could for money, but I really would like see them try
and chase down someone copying material in India, Russia, Brutopia or in
fact anywhere outside US. It simply isn't worth it. 

So, so much for the integrity of www copyrights.

So, it is possible to steal over net without any fear of punishment or sort
but is it right? When we're talking about intellectual material, something
that has value, personal or monetery, I guess everyone agrees it's not right.

But I want to ask from those whose sites where copied/stolen/burglared was
there any harm done? Is your site worth less personally or otherwise after
Totti stole them? Or is this whole avalache of posts about you feeling insulted?

My point being that copying someone's site without asking permission is
rude but should not literally be considered as being wrong/illegal (especially
as many conserned have stated they couldn't care less if their site was
copied) I see this being about princibles. "Don't take this, this is mine".
Perhaps more liberated view should be in order? I understood that most on
this list who have created sites containing information about comics have
done so in order to provide information to others about disney comics. Is
there any difference if people get that information directly from your site
or from Totti's "site" (assuming no damage to your hobby or economy)?

Again, goodnight all,


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