Scrooge/Grandma in US 14

Francois Willot Willot.Francois at
Sat Apr 21 18:25:30 CEST 2001

Being the lucky owner of a copy of US #14, the only original Dell comic I
own, I must reply to this! 

I agree that Scrooge and Grandma's rendez-vous sounds like a date because

>It's unlikely that a brother would tip his hat to his sister, or that he 
>would refer to her as Grandma Duck to his nephew Donald (since she would 
>thus also be Donald's aunt, and would not need to be identified as Grandma 
>DUCK even if Donald called her Grandma)

... but I don't agree with:

>Scrooge certainly wouldn't treat his sister to an expensive dinner!

Let's say that Scrooge and Grandma had not seen each other for a long time.
Then I think Scrooge would invite her in a good restaurant, without being
necessarily romanticaly interested.


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