Scrooge and women (Re: Scrooge & Grandma)

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Sun Apr 22 08:32:08 CEST 2001

OLIVIER, 21-04-2001:

> It takes Magica's wizardy for Uncle Scrooge to be as bewitched by
> a lady duck as Donald can be (U$ 40, "Oddball Odyssey")!

Magica did that with Scrooge in "Ten-cent Valentine" (WDC 258).

There's also a gag (US 38) in which Scrooge serenades a senorita.
As the end of the gag learns, this isn't so romantic as it might seem.

Another woman in Scrooge's life is Penny Wise (WDC 164), but again
this seems to be only just another money matter.

"The Thrifty Spendthrift" contains a picture of Scrooge blushing when
meeting the old female owner of that lovely dog. (US 47)

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