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Daniel.V.Haugsbø danielvvhh at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 23 15:29:27 CEST 2001

> >Don Rosa:
> >
> > >But hey, speakin' of crap, have we ever seen
> anyone
> >as full of the stuff as
> > >Angelo Toti/Totti? Wotta laff riot!!!
> >
> >Is it just normal and natural in your country to
> >publicly insult people like that?
> And is it normal or natural in your country, Angelo,
> to steal so 
> shamelessly?
> I do believe Charles Schultz put it best:
> "Good grief!"
> I have been working with my script for a long time
> this weekend... now I'm 
> done with the springboard and synopsis and have
> reached the script of page 3 
> (it's a 12-pager). BUT, I REALLY NEED TO KNOW THIS:
> Later this year (week 43, I think) a Marco Rota
> story is released in Norway 
> which is about Little Helper. Does this story,
> eventually an upcoming Don 
> Rosa story (a rumor I read on a homepage somewhere)
> contain any information 
> about HOW Little Helper was invented? The reason I
> ask is that my entire 
> story is about just that... and I would feel like a
> jerk, after all this 
> job, if Egmont rejects ut because it has the same
> subject as an upcoming 
> story from a more "famous" writer...

hmm..Marco Rota`s new story about Little helper is
coming in DD&Co (norway) in number 42  but i don`t
know the information in it,
and i have heard something about a Don Rosa story
about Gyro (little helper?)
But i don`t thin that Marco Rota is a "Official"
Duck writer and artist!
So whatever his story is about i wont mind that!
Because the story : $crooge and Grandma brother and
sister er...don think so!

> By the way: What are your opinions about Hortense,
> Matilda and Quackmore? 
> Are they still alive in the mid-50s? Where do they
> live? Are Matilda 
> married? Do they have much contact with Donald/HDL?
> (my opinion: They are still alive and they have
> moved back to Scotland with 
> Della and her husband)

well..they are probabley still alive.
They were in a birthday party ca 1930 (sign of the
distelfink..) Matilda are married whit Ludwig von
drake! see this webpage :
and in that page in Ataaaaaack when the beagle-boys
are breaking into the cellar(?) in the moneybing there
are in the background a painting of Matilda!!!



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