Italian stories...

Søren Krarup Olesen raptus at
Wed Apr 25 17:48:37 CEST 2001


> >  In Denmark, I believe, most Italian stories are printed in 
> > what we call "Jumbobøger", some kind of pocket books. I never 
> > read very many of them, and mostly the old ones - = before 
> > "Italian writers, I gues... 

> [...] I think the old stories you read *were* Italian ones.

Indeed! Those old "Jumbobøger" represent (parts of) the golden age of
Italian Disney comics--only exception is the last story in JB 4 which
is a sampler of various Barks/Strobl stories. The rest is pure Italian
material of the finest kind. Many of the writers and artist you'll find
active even today.


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