Hi all!

Alex Katopodis akatopo at otenet.gr
Fri Apr 27 01:57:13 CEST 2001

Hi all!,
I'm Alex Katopodis (refered as akatopo at otenet.gr) form Lefkada,Greece ,a 
new DCML user.My friend Apostolis(refered as komix at compulink.gr) 
introduced me to this mailing list and also persuaded me to write this 
message about myself.I'm 14 years old and an avid fan of the Disney duck 
comics.My favorite artist artist is Carl Barks (R.I.P).From the living 
ones :-) I like Don Rosa.I'm a collector of the Greek Komix magazine 
which in my opinion is the best one in Greece.I'm very happy to 
participate in this mailing list and I hope to see many interesting 

Thank you
Alex Katopodis 

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