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Thanks for the answers regarding Scarpa's latest
stories. I'm waiting forward to seeing this serie of
new stories with characters created by Barks.

About the "violent" Italian stories, Soeren wrote
>I TL 604-A, "Zio Paperone e il biliardo da un
>miliardo" written by the same Martina and drawn >by
"master of quarrels" Giulio Chierchini. 
>In this story Scrooge, Donald and Ludwig litteraly
>*steals* gold coins hidden within an old billiard
>table. The Beagle Boys take photos of the event and
>try to blackmail the ducks, but that's about all the
>illegal thing they do. At the end the Beagles go to
>jail, and Scrooge gets "his" gold coins.

In the end of this story, the Beagle Boys, caught by
the police, accuse Scrooge of stealing the gold coins,
which is true, and the chief policeman laughs at them:
"the Beagle Boys accusing Scrooge of stealing gold
coins? Let me laugh, ah! ah! ah!". In the following
panel, you even see Scrooge and Donald cynically
laughing with the policemen! The Beagle Boys end up
going in jail for something they did not do.
It's about one of the most violent Italian story I
ever read, but I must say I don't dislike them.

Scrooge also litterally forced Donald to help him
steal gold coins. Donald once protested as he doesn't
want to do illegal things, but could not refuse
because he owns Scrooge so many money.

Another story in the same pocket book is "Oncle Picsou
et la soucoupologie" (Francois' COA gives the code I
TL 583-A) where Scrooge steals Rockerduck by selling
him a deserted hotel at a very high price. He had
Rockerduck believe the hotel is very succesful by
paying comedians to pretend they are clients of the

And then, I remember a story where Scrooge and Donald
are physically fighting for money that Scrooge own to
Donald but doesn't want to give him. In this one,
Scrooge is again acting like a thief!


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