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Fri Apr 27 17:14:24 CEST 2001

>Who wouldn't? :-) BTW. When are we going to see these celebration
>stories in print? I can hardly wait.

First one in Finland was just printed in Aku Ankka (17). It was Ferioli's 
Gladstone Gander -story. I think it was great. Surprisingly great. He did 
the script himself, and it was quite barksian story. It had couple of 
references to old Barks-stories and to at least one money bin -painting. 
Wonderful. And he drew ducks quite well.
There was also a list of stories to come, with writers. Branca, Rota, Vicar 
and Esteban has scripters. Others have done their own stories.
Writers are Geoffrey Blum for Branca; Pat & Carol McGreal for Rota and 
Esteban; and John Lustig for Vicar.


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