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This email contains links to rare/original/unpublished Barks items on 
internet. I do not have any connection with the sellers or the sites.
If you've seen items I must have missed or other sites with rare/original/
unpublished items, then I hope you will post it to the list as well.
Descriptions are by the sellers, except where noted ("DvE").

Items at Ebay (

One-Shot Barks Pirate Gold by Carl Barks RARE

Seller: This is a late 1970’s reprint of the famous Carl Barks, Jack Hannah
"Four Color No. 9" comic of Pirate Gold. The original was published in the
summer of 1942 and was the first long story by Carl Barks. An original copy
of this story would sell for many thousands. This reprint was done at a
time when no other reprints had been done of this story. Gladstone’s
reprint came later. The cover is black and the inside is copied from the
original comic in B&W. It is in EXCELLENT condition! This is a rare Bark’s
item for the Carl Barks’ collector. In the 1970’s I used to visit Carl
Barks at his home and on my first visit he showed me some of his "work in
progress" paintings of the Ducks. He pulled something out of a file to show
me and it was an original copy of the Pirate Gold comic!! I was stunned! It
was like holding the "Hope Diamond"! Note to Carl Bark’s fans – I will be
auctioning a handwritten letter from Carl Barks, written to me in the

[Haven't seen this 1970's letter being auctioned yet. DvE]

- - - - - - -

Carl Barks Handwritten Letter 1968

Seller: CARL BARKS HANDWRITTEN LETTER. 6x8.75" sheet of white paper with
handwritten letter on front in blue ink by Carl Barks to Charlie Roberts.
Signed in full and dated Aug. 28, 1968. Important letter with contents
relating to his early career doing oil paintings. Letter in full reads "I
apologize for taking so long to reply to your letter of the 19th. My wife
and I have been painting the wilds of Oregon and dashing off to exhibit at
art shows this summer. Letters have been neglected. The original Scrooge
I've just done for you is a pretty lousy example of inking. I'm rusty at
the business." Also adds pencil notation "I enclose a couple of roughs of
cover idea rejects."

[I think I've seen this letter being quoted, possibly in the CBL. DvE]

- - - - - - -

ZEEOW! Carl Barks 1971 Original Pencil Layout

Seller: You are bidding on the original CARL BARKS pencil layout for JUNIOR
WOODCHUCKS #10, "Maple Sugar Time", p.3, from 1971. Carls Barks wrote the
story and prepared rough pencil layouts. The ink work was completed by
staff artists at Western Publishing. Pencil on heavyweight paper, 12" x 9".
Has several small pinpricks in the upper right corner and has once been
folded horizontally and vertically. Otherwise in very good condition. The
complete 13 page pencil layout is published in the Carl Barks Library VI/1,
p. 194-197. From the collection of noted comic book historian and Barks
Library co-editor Thomas Andrae. Please feel free to eMail with any

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Best wishes,

--- Daniel

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