Death in Disney comics (again)

Hans Kiesl hans.kiesl at
Wed Aug 1 14:24:42 CEST 2001


Armando wrote about I TL 466-B:

> Interesting... I TL 466-B has just been reprinted in Italy in
> "Grandi Classici" 176: Clarabelle's uncles die because of the
> explosion of a bomb in their pumpkin field. The scene is drawn by
> Carpi. I've checked an older Italian reprint (CWD 32, from 1969),
> and there's no trace of Perego there, either... maybe Perego
> re-drew the scene for a later reprint (CD 57, or TM 27)? Can
> anybody check? 

And Eta Beta answered:
> Just checked the CD 57 reprint against the original, and there's
> no difference, and no trace of Perego's art anywhere. It's the
> bomb explosion (a leftover of military manoeuvres) that does it
> for the uncles... the concept is, however, treated with some...
> "lightness"... the farmer, after the explosion, goes "Oh... the
> Cow brothers just disappeared..." 

Interesting! Did I understand correctly: There is no Perego art 
neither in the original story nor in any Italian "i classici" reprint? 
That means that Perego re-drew the scene for non-Italian 
paperbacks only?

If you would like to know what Petri was talking about, have a look 
at the German version in "Lustige Taschenbücher" no. 13:

And while we're at it: could you please check the original version of 
the following panel on page 39 of the same story:

The Phantom Blot's face looks a bit like Perego art IMO. But 
maybe I'm just imagining things...


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