Francesco's site on Luciano Gatto

Hans Kiesl hans.kiesl at
Wed Aug 1 18:49:00 CEST 2001

Francesco Gerbaldo:

> I'd like tell you that I open a new Disney site about a famous =
> collaborator of Disney Italia. His name is LUCIANO GATTO and he
> was = first collaborator at ink of Romano Scarpa. He came from
> Venice and he draws (and little write) near 400 tales from = 1958. 

This is an interesting site, and it will get even more interesting 
when you include scans of Gatto's unpublished work, as you 

Maybe you're interested in a sample story of Luciano Gatto's non-
Disney work for the German "Fix und Foxi" comic book. Have a 
look at
(eight pages; replace the number in the file names by all numbers 
from 1 to 8).
The story was published in Fix und Foxi # 20/1980.


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