Fluks, H.W. H.W.Fluks at
Fri Aug 3 17:26:03 CEST 2001


> It's not the whole VNU that the Finnish company bought.

Right. Only VNU Tijdschriften B.V.

> Is it the same 
> company that publishes and produces stories in Holland?



> > Maybe that will get us even more Kari Korhonen here? 8-)
> You think you're kidding?
> The Finnish company that now owns VNU *is* the company that 
> publishes AKU
> ANKKA and the other Finnish Disney publications. This will 
> probably mean some interesting future developments...

I don't seriously expect the company to merge its two (culturally very
different) magazine offices.
On the other hand, Finland is already using a lot of Dutch material. So who

(And the summer here already looks a lot like a sauna...)

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