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Fri Aug 3 21:50:07 CEST 2001


Anders wrote:
> Could one or some of
> you who were there tell us about that?

I was in Luxemburg on Saturday July 14th. It was a 5 hour drive from my home
in Rotterdam. The town in which the comic convention was, Contern, was very
small. Like Rosa said, the comic convention took over the entire town. The
streets in the center were set off. You had to pay entrance to enter the
center of the town (only ~ US$ 2 though). There were stands and tents
everywhere. Most of the Disney comics they had were German, but not so many.
I couldn't find much of interest for myself. Don Rosa was in a seperate
building from all the other artists. The building he was in was a cultural
center. There were thousands of flies inside. Rosa was very busy making
quick drawings for a long line of eager fans. My wife and I asked for a
self-portrait, which is now beautifully framed hanging in our apartment.

It rained a lot when we were there. We arrived at 10am and left at 2pm. By
the time we left, the entire main street was flooded. There were 2 inches of
water over the entire street we had to go through. The people of the stands
were packing up. Comics were floating around down the street. Except for the
drawing, we were soaking wet when we got to the car. We decided to drive
home instead of camping in Luxemburg, which was our original plan.

Kind regards,

Arthur de Wolf
Rotterdam, the Netherlands

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