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>.. if Finland and Sweden are to each other as the US are to Canada... 
> >Which
>is Canada and which is the USA? ;-)

Well..., that I don't know, but here are some "anecdotes" about Finland (and 
some other countries).

Danish people see their Finnish brothers like this:
"How do you identify an sociable finn?"
"Instead of looking at his own toes, he looks at his conversation-friend's 

A finn, a french and a german met an elephant in the jungle.
"I could make fine ivory-lamps for me", thought the frenchman.
"I wonder how much they would pay for me if I'd shoot that creature and sell 
it's meat?", thought the german.
"I wonder what that elephant thinks of me?", thought the finn.

And our scandinavian friends tell this joke, wich THEY think it's funny:
"There were men sitting on a bench. The first one drank booze, the second 
was talking to a cellphone, the third picked his nose and the fourth was a 
finn too." Ehhehehee.

Finland - Sweden:
Nokia - Ericsson
Blue-white - Blue-yellow
Formula 1 - Tennis
Virtanen - Johansson
President - King
Does himself - Asks for an advice
Katri Helena - Abba


People from different nations came to a restaurant.
Everyone of them ordered a glass of wine, but when the waiter brought  the 
wine, they noticed, that each of the glasses contained a fly.

*  A swede wanted to have new wine to the same glass.
*   A english wanted to have new wine to a new glass.
*   A finn took the fly out of the glass and drank the wine.
*   A russian drank the wine and the fly.
*   A chinese ate the fly, but didn't drink the wine.
*   A jew captured the fly and sold it to the chinese.
*   A norwegian took the fly and set out to fish for a cod.
*   American sued the restaurant and wanted 65 million dollars for    
emotional distress
*   A scott strangled the fly and yelled:-Now goddamn puke every single drop 
of that wine back!
*   Ostrobothnian claimed, that it was a intrigue of the democrats and hit 
the waiter whit a knife. And he didn't drink the wine 'cause it was ladies 
job and wondered where the ordered booze was.
(There were some more of these but I didn't have time to write them)

Eero-Pekka, a Finn

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