Erich Chun's site (RE: Carl Barks Panel)

Eric Chun ericchun at
Tue Aug 21 02:54:30 CEST 2001

Daniel wrote:
>On another page of the site ("Comic Art"), Eric shows
>three Barks sketches:

>Apparently, two drawings on one sheet:
>- Mailman joke. "Don as a mailman wears stilts [across?]
>  dog's yard.  Funny dogs of all breeds.
>- Below the mailman joke, there's a sketch of Donald
>  running, following a "Timbuktu" sign. Text under
>  drawing: "End of another episode".  This sketch has
>  resemblances with a Barks Treasury drawing.

You're correct, both pencil drawings are on a single
piece of yellow, lined paper.  I think they were
supposed to be ideas for the Barks Treasury.  His hand-
writing had already become shaky when this was done.

You're also correct about the other two sketches.



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