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> Question for Don Rosa: if a couple gets divorced in Kentucky, are they
> brother and sister?


As a fellow Kentuckian, I'll let Don answer the question you directed to
him, but I'll expand on Kentucky divorce a bit.

If a woman divorces a man and remarries, the former husband might call the
new one his "husband-in-law".  We gotta keep everyone in the family somehow,
you know.

And on the subject of the type of brother-sister marriage that seems to be
outlawed in Greece, I have an example of it in my family.  I have 2 brothers
(Shane family), who married 2 sisters (Lewis family).  And not at the same
time, though I hardly see how that changes matters.  However, when the
sisters had a disagreement, the brothers had to have one, too.

I went to Indiana to find my wonderful wife.  Kentucky matrimony is too much

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