time-traveling in a bath-tube

Marco Barlotti marcobar at ds.unifi.it
Sat Dec 1 12:06:55 CET 2001

I seem to neatly remember a story drawn by Tony Strobl where the Ducks 
travel through time in a bath-tub-like time machine invented by Gyro.

The gadget in fact appears in a few Italian stories, but seems to be a 
reprise there.

I thought at first of W DD 109-01, "Og's iron bed" first published in issue 
#9 (September) 1966 of WDCS. But no, the gadget there is a different one.

Maybe I'm wrong and the bathtub only travels through space and not through 
Well, you guys are here to dive and burrow thorough your comics 
collections, aren't you?    ;-)
So any help on this subject will be greatly appreciated!

Just in order to tell you where you should NOT look:
Gyro has a sand-clock- ("clepsydra-"?) shaped time-machine in "The phantom 
blot meets the Beagle Boys - Culprits, Inc."; and another time-machine by 
Gyro is used by Mickey and Goofy in W WDC 323-02 "Trapped in time". These 
are NOT the ones I'm looking for.
Other instances of time-machines invented by Gyro would be appreciated, 
however, even if not bath-tub shaped.

Thanks in advance for your help!



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