Bath-tub-like time machines

Armando Botto armando.botto at
Sat Dec 1 22:31:40 CET 2001

Marco wrote:
> Maybe I'm wrong and the bathtub only travels through space and not through

I distinctly remember a story (and related cover) featuring Gyro's
jet-propelled bathtub (not a time machine):

W DD  118-01 The Mechanical Monster (TL 656, "Paperino e il protossido

However, a bath-tub-like time machine by Gyro is featured in

W BB   10-03 The Roaring Twenties [BB go back in time to 1820es Wild West
with GY's time-tub]
(TL 791, "I Bassotti e la cella senza TV").

> Other instances of time-machines invented by Gyro would be appreciated,
however, even if not bath-tub shaped.

Here they come:

W CND  30-07 Time Machine Testers (TL 353, "Cip & Ciop e la principessa

W US   50-03 Once Upon A Time Machine (TL 467, "Archimede Pitagorico e il

W BB   43-04 Old Time Crime [back in time to crack US' first safe] (no
Italian reprints)


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