(A sort of) Scoop in the Studio Program DuckTales stories (?)

Luca Boschi cnotw at zen.it
Thu Dec 6 23:41:01 CET 2001

Oh, hallo, Harry!

>> "Le GM alla ricerca di rarità". S 87094.
>> Any ideas about?
> Could it be that this story was made while the "DuckTales" TV series was
> still in the making? Maybe the makers didn't decide yet the definitive looks
> and names of the characters.
> That would explain the Beagle Boys, as well as the unusual name "Jet
> McQuack".

Maybe... Even if "Jet" is the *usual* italian name for Launchpad. The
"quite" strange thing is that in that very book there are three *normal*
DuckTales stories, with code numbers showing that they were produced an year
after "Le GM alla ricerca di rarità" (1988). Another detail which explains
the story S 87094 is *not* a DuckTales one is that Mrs. Beackley is not in
it. Another unnamed, dogfaced woman takes her place in the McDuck office.
But (even stranger)... one of the three *normal* Beagles (176-176) eats
hamburgers, and is called... "Burger"!

So, maybe really that the story was produced while the TV serial was still
in its making, and later was "partially edited" as a *normal* Junior
Woodchucks' one. Obviously it's not a masterpiece, but it deserves to be
pointed as a rarity... The translation of its very title, from Italian, is,
indeed: "The JW looking for rarities"...


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