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> Harald Havas:
> > I don't know if there's still anybody here who remembers me.
> There sure is! Nice "talking" with you again.
> Your books sounds very interesting. And it will be in a language I can
> 8-)

I'll keep you all posted about date, price, name...

> > - Barks: what was important between his trip to Europe 1994
> > and his death?
> > Any more paintings? Any more stories written? Something else
> > - like a series
> > of Donald drawings(?) he did at the time when he officially
> > became a "Disney
> > Legend". Private stuff (end of his affiliation with his
> > former management).
> > Who knows about this? Where can I find a up-to-date biography
> > that includes these details?
> I don't know how up-to-date it is, but you might try Daniël's "Guidebook"
> site:
> http://www.seriesam.com/barks/ (and maybe in particular
> http://www.seriesam.com/barks/art_dn.html).

Thanks! I'll check.

> Barks had some small involvement in the story "Somewhere in Nowhere". He
> also did a few paintings after 1994. And he did a bunch of drawings (70 or
> so) to celebrate his 96th birthday. And he wrote a poem for his fans
> (published here on DCML). And he probably did some other things that I
> forgot to mention.

The poem sounds VERY interesting - where could I find it (on DCML)?

> > - other artists: we'd like to include a (short) chapter showing the
> > unknowing public what happened to Disney-Comics after Taliaferro,
> > Gottfredson and Barks. I mean: GREAT creators that followed
> > their footsteps. Like Rosa or Rota. Now: Who would you include?
> Apart from Scarpa, I'd mention Daan Jippes. And possibly Mau Heymans. And
> maybe Daniel Branca.

Looks like we have to reduce pages, and this chapter as such will be
dropped... but I mention the other artists on several occasions.

> > 1. Bad English
> > There's a trick! Write your mail in Word (or a similar
> > program) turn on
> > "English" as language and the program shows you all your
> > misspellings - and can edit them! ;-)
> Not *all* your misspellings. No computer program has been good enough to
> correct "I don't no weather the whether will bee good tomorrow".

Sure, but it helps a lot nevertheless ;-)


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