DCML digest, Vol 1 #761 - 4 msgs - barks paintings

HorizonHse@aol.com HorizonHse at aol.com
Mon Dec 10 08:20:24 CET 2001


barks completed at least 3 oil paintings after 1994: 

1. "eureka a goose egg nugget" which became the basis of a porcelain 
sculpture done by giuseppe armani in an edition of 3000. at least 3 copies of 
the sculpture are on ebay currently

2. "merry christmas" which became the basis of a lithograph done by 
dreidreizehn. i think it's still available from them.

3. "heat wave" an oil painting begun much earlier which became the basis of a 
lithograph distributed at one of the disneyana conventions.

most of the color pencil drawings he did for his 96th birthday party were 
reproduced in "barks treasury," the limited edition book also available at 
the party. some of the sketches he did to prepare for the final drawings have 
reached the marketplace. 

i don't know how involved he was in creating the sculptures based on "luck of 
the north," flubbity dubbity duffer," "far out safari" and the rest that were 
on display at his 95th birthday party. any information about these out there?

does anyone know what plans, if any, another rainbow has to release "time out 
for fun," the 10th and last mini-lithograph pictured in "carl barks and the 
disney ducks" and the only one so far not available?

and does anyone know whether or not the project to issue lithographs of some 
of the artwork pictured in "animal quackers" is going forward?




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