New Barks story in "Donald Duck & Co" today!

Anita B Og Erlend V Enget abeenget at
Tue Dec 11 19:06:07 CET 2001

On newsstands today here in Norway Donald Duck & Co # 50/2001 brought us a
brand new Carl Barks story. The vault of Unca Carl someway never ran empty,
and this one is titled "Donald Duck in Christmas Mood" (2001-068). The
ten-pager is written by Barks, and drawn in company with the also talented
Daan Jippes. What is drawn by who is hard to say. I miss a "story behind
the story", so to say. Can anyone tell when the story was written and what
is drawn by Barks and Jippes?

Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas to all of ya!

Erlend, Norway

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