Merry Xmas

Ari Seppi mani at
Tue Dec 25 09:26:11 CET 2001

>First: Merry Christmas to you all.


>Second: if your Italian, go buy Topolino 2405, you'll find a very nice Xmas
>present by the Master Romano Scarpa :-)

If you mean F JM 98235: Topolino e le dolcezze del Natale, there is no
need for being Italian: The story was also published in Sweden*) (in other
Egmont countries as well?) and Finland *2) - although the Finnish publication
is a bit difficult to get unless you are a subscriber of Kuukauden

*) Kalle Anka 51-52/2001
*2) Kuukauden sarjisekstra 12/2001

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