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Mon Dec 31 12:37:36 CET 2001

I don't think I mentioned this yet on DCML...

Daan Jippes is now mainly working for Egmont. He will continue drawing the
Barks Junior Woodchuck scripts for them. He will alternate a new story with
a JW script.

The Dutch editors (Sanoma) will publish a reprint of the first Dutch pocket
book ("De Zebramossel"). This book hasn't been reprinted since 1969. Thom
Roep (chief editor) really likes the old Italian stories (Scarpa, Bottaro).

There will be a big album (something like the "Dubbelalbum" books) with long
stories drawn by Ben Verhagen. All reprints. "De reisavonturen van Donald

In 2002, the Dutch weekly celebrates its 50 years of existence. This will
mean some extra large issues of the weekly. Plus some contests, and maybe a
"convention"-like happening.

According to a questionnaire leaflet, the current publishing schedule of the
Dutch Disney editors is as follows:

Donald Duck weekblad: 52 times a year
Donald Duck Extra: 13 times a year
Katrien: 6 times
Disney Festival: 4 times
Donald Duck pocket: 8 times
Beste Verhalen van Donald Duck: 4 times
Big Fun: once a year
Disney Filmstrips: 4 times
Donald Duck Dubbelpocket: twice a year
Oom Dagobert: twice a year (used to be 3 times... 8-( )
Winterboek/Vakantieboek: 1 each every year

That's a total of 98 comic publications every year. I'm sure countries like
Germany and Italy beat us with that, but at least Holland currently
publishes more than the USA... (I do hope the number of USA publications
will change in 2002!)


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