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Don Rosa donrosa at iglou.com
Fri Feb 9 14:58:47 CET 2001

From: Thomas Barry <thomasbarry2001 at yahoo.co.uk>
>>>Don Rosa: thank you so much for the new LoS episode.
It is one of the greatest LoS chapter story I have
ever read.

Thank you!  But where did you see it?

From: "timo ronkainen" <timoro at hotmail.com>
>>>Finnish Post will publish five stamps to celebrate Finnish Aku Ankka´s
anniversary. Stamps features art by Rosa and Barks.

Yes, they just told me about that yesterday! Two of the stamps will be from
my "Kalevala" story, as one might expect. I see the link you provided which
I'm hoping shows the stamps... I'm gonna hurry there for a peek as soon as
I send this off.
By the way, I wonder why Di$ney allowed this? Y'know the story of how the
US Post Office wanted to include Mickey Mouse in their "100th Anniversary
of Comics" series, but Di$ney refused permission unless they received a
stout royalty on the sales of all of the stamps in the government-issue
set. Bless their hearts.

To "Kenneth Glendinning"
Please stop re-quoting other people's *entire* messages in your own --
there's no point in that. It's another "annoying trait". Thanks.

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