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Fri Feb 9 14:38:26 CET 2001

>I didn't see that poem. I wish I had. But I somehow doubt Unca Carl 
>would've advocated Peace At Any Cost.

Peace at any cost? This isn't Kosovo. I wasn't launching NATO operation
to calm down a bloodbath. Those were things (friendship, tolerance, trust
and peace) *I* read from Barks' poem (from between the lines, more or less).

>I haven't really seen anyone picking nits about writing -- just demanding

>that people's writing be sufficiently literate so as to be understood.
>you really think it dishonors Barks' memory to say that a badly-designed

>webpage (whose author shows no interest in learning HTML) is badly-designed?

You can say something is badly designed if it is. In this case I believe
is more of question of inexperience. But that wasn't my point. Look at the
next comment.
I don't know what dishonours Barks' memory and that wasn't my point. I just
hoped to feel some of the warmth on this ML that I felt reading his poem.

And what comes to the understandability of mails I had no problem reading
Kenneth's mail even though my own english is not all that wonderful. So
I don't understand how could you have a problem with it? 
We should tolerate less perfect mails here; many of the contributors of
this ML are not native english speakers and their english is not necessarilly
very good. But they still might have lot of interesting things to say. 

>There is a distinction between tolerance and silence about substandard

>work. We've had instances of Disney-artist-bashing, and if they aren't

>sacrosanct on this list, why should a mere webpage be above reproach?

And there is a distinction between actual critic and chewing someone's head
off. I'm not advocating silence. That's probably the root of all problems.
And that's why I de-lurked and opened my mouth. What I'm trying to say is
that less aggressive approach usually works better. If it hade been used
in this conversation I wouldn't have to be typing now. 

>Wall, Ah dunno if'n Ah agrees witchou, butchou got one parnt -- we don'
>no fancy book-larnin' aroun' heah!

You take the words right out of my mouth! Mutc ratter bi riidin duks tan
anatommi & fysialogi.

BTW. I owe an apology to Dan Shane though I didn't mean to make a direct
comment about his answer to Craig. After reading Don Rosa's post on #402
I realised what he was talking about. But without that information it just
looked rude.

And another thing. I don't remember if I have introduced myself on this
list so I'll do it now.

My name is Teemu Merikumpu. I'm finnish and (therefore :-) I like disney
comics. I think my two favourite characters are U$ and DD. Now what else.
I'm a student. I've been reading disney comics since I was 5. I'm not a
collector but just a fan. I read a comic book a couple of times and if I
like I'll save it. If not it'll eventually get lost. I've been lurking on
this list for a year or two now, I guess. The reason I like this list is
that here I can read things about the comics I like and then pick up the
comic that was just discussed and read it again from a different point of
Well, I guess that it. Sorry, that I usually don't have much to contribute
but I'll help if I can.

best wishes to all,
An advocate of kind words

Hanki Suomi24.fi-sähköposti - ilmainen ja aina käytössäsi!

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