Donald's dog "Fido"

Rich xephyr at
Sun Feb 11 13:16:22 CET 2001

> From: "Becca Ridout" <skyrat13 at>
> Fido? I have seen Donald in the dailies frequently with a pet saint bernard
> named Bolivar....Do you think that this is what you meant, or did he
> supposedly have 2 pet dogs?

Yes, I am very familiar with Bolivar/Bornworthy, and even his puppy Behe
(Behemoth), but no, the name of the dog that was mentioned was "Fido", whom
I am unfamiliar.  I am also aware of Donald's other "pets" such as Grand 
Genius III of Old Siwash the Smugsnorkle Squattie, Tabby the cat, Basil the
donkey, Hortense the ostrich and Billy the goat.  I was just surprised to
learn there was yet another I hadn't heard of before now.  Hopefully someone
will be kind enough to enlighten both of us on this.
> >Recently it was mentioned that Donald had a dog named Fido
> >in the dailies.
> >(1) Does anyone know Fido's first appearance?
> >(2) What Fido's prominent traits were?
> >(3) And can someone point me to a scan of a comicstrip
> >depicting Fido, or, at least a scan of Fido himself?

Rich Bellacera

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