Kalevala & LoS question

Fabio Blanco longtom at oeste.com.ar
Tue Feb 13 01:23:08 CET 2001

>> At the page 27 of the Kalevala story when the
>monster is on the Helsinki 
>> dome, a guy said to Donald : "It is the second
>biggest frog that I have 
>> never seen".
>> And Donald answers : "How that, the second..."
>> So I can't find the reference for the first biggest
>frog: is it a reference 
>>to a Bark's story ?
>Maybe it's a reference to Captain Kentucky's battle
>with J. Fred Frog, a giant frog which's terrifies
>Louisville! It's on episodes 35-39, created in 1980 by
>the mighty trapper Don Rosa :-)

Maybe the guy is talking about Reptilicus. Somebody remember that movie? 

Fabio Blanco
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