re the two new Don Rosa hardcover books

Nils Lid Hjort nils at
Wed Feb 14 17:05:15 CET 2001

Gary Pantzer worriedly asks Don Rosa: 
<<I wish you would also consider this [selling via eBay] for 
your 2 HC books ["Captain Kentucky" and "The Pertwillaby Papers"] 
being released soon. Unless we can order directly, 
I doubt they will be available easily in the USA. We would have 
to prevail on our friends in Europe to purchase copies and ship 
these for us.>> 

1. These books have been produced with the gracious and patient
   help of the author and artist himself, Don Rosa. 
   However, Don is not the *seller* of the books. (He has other
   work to do.) The publishing company, "Gazette Bok" of the firm 
   Gazette, Oslo, is in the process of making agreements with 
   distributors, in particular with a certain bookstore in Oslo. 

2. There will [also] be agreements with some specialist shops outside

3. It will be possible to order copies of CK and PP using the internet,
   whether one lives in New York, Thule, Vladivostok or Harare. 
Details will be made known later regarding these points. 
It may also interest Norwegian readers that there will be an 
interview with the editor of the books (which happens to be me),
along with his professor colleague Øystein Sørensen, in 
Aftenposten's "Oslo-puls" (?) on Friday. The two books will be 
seen in photos and scans. 

Nils Lid Hjort 

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